The personnel of Kőbüfé gives its best to serve You with the best foods and drinks, and atmosphere. We hope, that we could deliver You an unforgettable experience. We would highly appreciate if You could tell us what You liked about our restaurant or what You especially enjoyed by visiting us.

What our guests say

Coffee in the morning with friends, wine in the evening, pleasant atmosphere, sunny terrace, shady garden, friendly staff and management, a few months of work, captivating environment, regulars, the unmissable Frici cat and last but not least an important and comforting personal experience 🙂 These are the first things that come to mind about the place. I often enjoy a coffee here in good company, or sometimes a drink in the evening with my sweetheart, sometimes a dinner. In addition, the Kőbuffé was the ideal place for my 30th birthday party, which lasted until dawn and was very atmospheric. Thanks for everything and best wishes for continued success!
– Zsuzsi & Tibci

I came to your place before New Year’s Eve, on Dec. 30, and I simply could not believe my eyes. Such a tasteful, cosy, intimate place to eat is hard to find in Hungary, especially as it is a “simple little buffet” in a hiking place, which is not simple, but great! I’ve been to Austria and Germany, where I lived for a short time, and I thought I’d find the same decor and furnishings in your place as I did there. So, I can only congratulate you on your tasteful, cosy, intimate decor. Unfortunately, I only drank mulled wine during my stay, but I will definitely come back again in the future, and I will definitely try something very tasty from the rich, delicious selection of food, so that not only the soul enjoys, but also the belly. Wishing you a Happy New Year, I send you my best wishes.
– Eva Semler

Over the past many years, I have many fond memories of Kőbüfé, but the most memorable of all was my 25th birthday, when my brothers and friends kindly organized a surprise birthday party and chose Kőbüfé as the venue. Thank you again for letting my favorite place host this gathering. The party went very well and was a life changing experience. The pancake cake you baked especially crowned the evening.
– Thank you: Imre Laci

I am a regular “guest visitor” at your place. The place is really cozy and the offer is very tasty! I particularly liked the cat of the place, as in the nice warm weather, while we were chatting with our friends, he was peacefully, sweetly napping on the chair behind us.) By the way, everything is super! The service is dynamic, no complaints! I wish you all the best for the future!
– Zita

I really like this place because you are always welcome here, even in sweats!
– Tábori Dalma

I really like being and eating at Kő Büffe. The menu is excellent and the food is delicious. I have tried the winter offer “vibrating jelly” and it was very tasty, just like the fish soup. We also love Béla and the rest of the staff are always polite and helpful. Merry Christmas to all the staff at the Stone Buffet!
– Dávid Mátrai

Dear Kőbuffé, the fried chicken thigh fillet is delicious!
– Thank you Zoltán and Ágoston Csehi.

My husband is an almost daily guest at your place because he loves your mulled wine.
Nowhere else can you get a better flavoured mulled wine than at your place. Another big favourite is the goulash soup, which is also of excellent quality. We also love the summer evenings, a nice, cool time. We live on the hill opposite, and you can get to us by tram 61 and the tram.
– Marianna and Rezső Karcsay

After a nice walk in the woods, a nice restaurant, a nice meal and a drink, what else could you need? 🙂
– Mrs. Judit Széll

I really like the Kőbüfte, it was one of the best restaurants in Normafa in the past and still is. I wish all the employees a lot of success and a Merry Christmas!
– Zsolti

Thank you to all those who shared their Kőbüfé experiences with us.